A Division of RF Technologies, Inc.

Keeping people safe since 1987

  • Founded in 1987 in Milwaukee, WI

  • Privately owned by founder Glen F. Jonas

  • RF Technologies, Inc 150 employees strong

  • Numerous patents for innovative products and designs

RFT Mission:

To develop solutions that help ensure the safety of residents, patients, guests, students, and staff in senior living communities, healthcare facilities, hospitality establishments, and educational institutions throughout the U.S.

Over 10,000 installations to date

In 2002, RFT entered the Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) asset tracking marketplace with the acquisition of PinPoint Company of Boston, MA.

Today, PinPoint is a division of RFT and is known for inventing and developing the first peer-to-peer Wi-Fi RTLS and best-in-class 3D-iD® local positioning system.

PinPoint is dedicated to protecting staff and students with HELP ALERT® where each solution includes a powerful blend of hardware and software to ensure fast, accurate, and reliable alerting and locating.

Setting the standard in Safety and Security for Those That Need It Most